Site License Information

Test Publisher & CAPP Prices

Colleges must purchase annual test site licenses from the test publisher. There is a single site license charge that includes both paper/pencil and computer delivered testing. There is no additional charge from the test publisher for adding computer delivered testing to the paper/pencil site license. The only additional charge is from CAPP for the software to deliver the tests.

MDTP Tests (payable to MDTP)

Annual Site License:
This fee is based on the published student enrollment of the college
College Enrollment:

MDTP Annual Site license cost
Under 5,000
Over  5,000

CTEP Tests (payable to Pacific College Testing)

Annual Site License:
This fee is based on the published student enrollment of the college.
College Enrollment:

CTEP Annual Site license cost
Under 2,000
$  400 
 2,001 - 5,000 
$  600 
  5,001 - 10,000
$  800 
10,001 - 15,000
15,001 - 20,000
20,001 - 30,000
30,001 - 50,000
above 50,000

CELSA Tests (payable to the Association of Classroom Teacher Testers)

Annual Site License:
(with ability to benefit): Based on number of ESL students tested per year:

CELSA Annual Site license cost
1 - 60
$  195 
 61 - 200 
$  325 
201 - 400  
$  495 
401 - 750  
$  750 
 751 - 1,200
greater than 1,200
by quote

CTA (CAPP Test Administrator)  delivers these tests on PC's.

CTA is produced by CAPP Associates, Inc.
CAPP is the sole vendor of the computer delivered versions
of MDTP, CSFI, CTEP, and CELSA tests. Phone and online support available.
CTA runs on Window's computers on most networks (Novell and NT etc.).

CTA Testing (payable to CAPP Associates)
MDTP 60¢ per student per test
CTEP  25¢ per student per test. The CTEP consists of three tests.
A college may give one, two or three of these tests. The maximum cost per student is 75¢
CELSA 60¢ per student per test.
CTA has no initial cost. There is a minimum yearly order of $400 worth of tests.

About ASAP and CAPP Associates
Computerized Assessment and Placement Programs (CAPP) Associates, Inc. has been providing assessment software and services to higher education since 1985. The ASAP software (Assessment and Placement Program) is a complete scoring and reporting assessment software system for paper/pencil and CTA computer testing. ASAP also integrates with Accuplacer's network and online testing and questionnaires as in the CSFI or PASS. CTA delivers Math, ESL and English tests. ASAP combines these test results into common student databases. ASAP is fully customizable and includes a maintenance agreement to configure the program for your individual school. Programming, phone and online support available. Full User manual included.

ASAP site license fees (payable to CAPP Associates)

ASAP Annual Site license cost
ASAP maintenance (yr.)
$ 1,800
2nd site license
$ 900
MNSCU license
$ 900
ASAP initial purchase
$ 4,995
Setup per subject
$ 400

ASAP will run on DOS or Window's (up to Win7).
The program works with Scantron and NCS scanners.