ASAP Testing Software by CAPP Associates, Inc.

The Assessment and Placement program (ASAP) is a complete scoring and reporting assessment software program for an independent paper/pencil system or works with CTA for computer delivered testing with ASAP functionality. ASAP was created by CAPP Associates, Inc..

ASAP works with Scantron/NCS scanners (PC Windows or DOS) and scans full page scan forms.

The ASAP program scores assessment tests of your choice in English, Math, reading and Languages (foreign and ESL). It determines student placement in appropriate classes, generates individual personlized letters and mailing labels, creates multiple databases, generates a variety of reports, identifies special groups of students and uploads data to a mainframe or vax system.

ASAP is completely automated. Tests of your choice are taken on specially designed Scantron scanforms, and can be read immediately on your campus by a Scanner that is hooked up to a PC in your testing center. Tests are scored and placements in your courses are automatically determined according to your college's programmed criteria. Reports and letters that you need can then be printed and distributed.

ASAP runs on any PC System (from DOS through Window's 7 tested), and comes with a complete user's guide. CAPP will customize the program to your college's particular system. No knowledge of computer programming on your part is necessary. ASAP has full time phone and online support for any problems.

The ASAP program is the only test independent assessment program available today.
Here are some of the reports available:

  • Course placement list by student name for counselors and teachers

  • Course placement list by social security (student id) for posting

  • Test scores, including diagnostic subscores if desired

  • Test, placement and questionnaire statistics

  • Individual student counseling reports which include previous education,
    hours employed, goals, major, educational needs, etc.

  • 3" X 5" and 4" X 6" cards with individual assessment scores and/or placement results

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