Ability To Benefit

The CELSA is an approved U.S. Department of Education "Ability to Benefit" Test.
Prior to July 1, 2012, students who did not have a high school diploma or equivalent had
to pass an ATB test in order to qualify to apply for federal financial aid (Title IV). That
option was eliminated on July 1, 2012 except for students who were enrolled prior to
July 1, 2012. On July 1,2015, Ability to Benefit was reinstated for Title IV Federal
Financial Aid for students enrolled in "career pathways" programs and a "basic education"
class, including ESL. The CELSA remains on the approved list of ATB tests. In addition,
several states such as New York and California (BPPE schools) require a high school
diploma or equivalent or a passing score on a U.S. Department of Education approved
ATB test. The CELSA is approved as an ATB test for students who have English as
their second language.

The CELSA "paper/pencil" and computer delivered tests are both approved for ATB.