CTA Testing Software by CAPP Associates, Inc.

CAPP Test Adminstrator (CTA) program

  PC delivered testing for Window's computers. The CTA program delivers various tests in English, Math and ESL. Any school can administer the CTEP (English), MDTP (Math), and CELSA (ESL) tests and produce test results that can be used with other software products and/or can be sent to the college's Student Information System. CTA is network (LAN), not web based. The tests are automatically scored and students can be placed into levels determined by each schools' cut scores. The student takes the test on a PC. The test items are identical to the "paper/pencil" versions.

MDTP  = .60 cents per test (6 tests)
CELSA = .60 cents per test (4 versions)
CTEP   = .25 cents per test (3 tests)

CTA has no initial cost. There is a yearly minimum charge of $400 worth of tests that you apply towards your balance.

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The CTA Demo CD version is available and shows the tests as they would appear at your testing center.
Demo runs on Window's XP through Window's 7 (32 bit) and requires a CD ROM Drive.