PC Testing

 PC - Computer Delivered Testing ~ Approved Math, English & ESL tests

      There are three ways to use CTA:

  • One, is to run CTA with the ASAP software (complete scanning, multiple measures, counseling letters, assessment & placement reporting)
  • Second, is to run independent of ASAP as a self contained approved PC delivered testing software package
  • Third, is to use CTA as an interface between Accuplacer or COMPASS testing and CAPP's ASAP software.
    CTA also acts as an interface with Accuplacer Online testing and ASAP.

If you run CTA with ASAP you must have a license with CAPP Associates for the ASAP software.
CAPP is the sole vendor of the computer delivered versions of MDTP, CTEP, CSFI and CELSA tests.

CTA is no additional cost except for the cost of delivering the test.
There is a yearly minimum order of $400 worth of tests.

You must purchase a site license(s) with the test publisher prior to testing.

CTA and ASAP both have phone and online support. User manual and an extensive built-in support program
available. ASAP has a maintenance service that will fully customize the program for your individual school.

CTA and/or ASAP are also compatible with Accuplacer (Online or Networked 5.31r)
and COMPASS delivered tests.
Also: see documents on working with CTA and Accuplacer

The CTA software can run independently with approved tests such as the CTEP, CELSA and MDTP.

   CTA without ASAP


Cta can work with ASAP for scanning (Scantron or NCS scanners), scoring and
advanced reporting for a complete assessment and placement system.

   CTA with ASAP

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  Both ASAP and CTA are produced by:

   CAPP Associates, Inc.
   3463 State St. Suite 357
   Santa Barbara, CA 93105
   phone (805) 965-5870
   fax      (805) 965-5807

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