CAPP Associates

   ASAP (Assessment and Placement Program) by CAPP Associates, Inc.

   The ASAP program scores assessment tests of your choice in English, Math,
   Reading and Languages (foreign & ESL). It determines student placement in
   appropriate classes, generates individual personalized letters & mailing labels,
   creates a database, generates a variety of reports, identifies special groups
   of students and uploads data to a mainframe. (see network diagram)

  •    Designed for DOS or Window's
  •    Works with Scantron and NCS Scanners
  •    Counselor's can Look up Student records over the network (NT or Novell)
  •    Comes with User Manual - ASAP has online and phone support
  •    Maintenance covers programming software for individual schools
  •    Send test results via email to other institutions or the students
  •    Personalized advanced multiple measures for placement, scoring and reporting
  •    Compatible with CTA - Computer Delivered Testing (ESL, Math, CSFI and English)
  •    Create personalized counseling reports
  •    Compatible with COMPASS and Accuplacer networked or Online testing
  •    Print to local or networked LaserJet Printers (reports and mailing/address labels)

software and yearly maintenance:
$ 1800
MNSCU license:
$  1200
second site license:
$  600
ASAP Purchasing
$ 4995
Setup individual school software (per subject)
 $  400

   CAPP Associates (Computerized Assessment and Placement Programs)
   has been providing assessment software and services to higher education since 1985.

   CAPP Associates, Inc.
   3463 State St. Suite 357
   Santa Barbara, CA 93105
   phone  (805) 965-5870
   FAX    (805) 965-5807

ASAP software ($4995)
ASAP maintenance (yr.)
Setup per subject ($400)
CA Sales Tax 7.25% (CA only)

   Purchase Order Number: