PC Testing with CTA

Computer Delivered Testing

PC Software - for Window's , Approved Math, English and ESL tests ... and more!

CTA is produced by CAPP Associates, Inc.

CAPP is the sole vendor of the computer delivered versions of the MDTP, CTEP, CSFI, and CELSA tests.

If you run CTA with ASAP you must have a license with CAPP Associates for the ASAP software.

There is no additional cost for CTA except for a yearly minimum order of tests of at least $400.

You must purchase a site license with the test publisher prior to testing.

CTA and ASAP both have phone and online support including an extensive built-in help program and user manual.

   Download test unit order form (MS Word format - print and mail-in)

This form is to be used to order CTA and computerized tests listed below. Site licenses to administer
the tests must be ordered separately from the test publisher. CAPP has entered into exclusive
agreements with each of the test publishers of these tests to provide computerized versions of the tests.
No other computerized versions of these tests are available from other sources including the test publishers.

When ordering computerized tests you are purchasing "units" based on the number of tests you project that
you will administer during the fiscal year July 1-June30. Over or under estimations of the test taking
numbers are adjusted as credits or additional charges at the end of the fiscal year. When ordering all
computerized MDTP tests, the complete battery of 7 tests is provided and you are only charged for the
actual tests used. Therefore, you are not required to calculate individual MDTP test usage e.g. elementary
algebra, precalculus, etc.

.60 ¢ per test 7 Math tests
.25 ¢ per test 3 English Tests
.60 ¢ per test 2 ESL tests: Forms 1 & 2

   CAPP Associates, Inc.
   3463 State St. Suite 357
   Santa Barbara, CA 93105
   phone_ (805) 965-5870
   fax____(805) 965-5807

CAPP Associates (Computerized Assessment and Placement Programs)
has been providing assessment software and services to higher education since 1985.

Purchasing CTA Tests
MDTP Tests each
.60 ¢
CTEP Tests each
.25 ¢
CELSA Tests each
.60 ¢
Shipping (if not online)
CA Sales Tax 7.25% (CA only)

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