Computer Testing

Computerized versions of the CELSA (ATB) are available.
PC Delivered Testing - For Window's computers
Celscan is also available for scoring CELSA paper/pencil versions.

4 Options available:

Option 1: (CTA - Computer Delivered Testing)
The CTA (CAPP Test Administrator) software, available for any
college, administers the MDTP, CTEP, CSFI and CELSA tests and produces
test results that can be used with other software products and/or
can be sent to the college's Student Information System. CTA does
not require CAPP's ASAP software.

Option 2: (CTA - used with ASAP)
For colleges using the CAPP system, CTA fully integrates the
computerized versions with the CAPP's ASAP, including the integration
of paper pencil scoring, full ASAP reporting, and multiple measure
placement. ASAP works on Scantron and NCS scanners.

Option 3: (CTA working with other Software)
For colleges using ACCUPLACER (network or online) and CAPP, CTA also
provides the integration of CPT, ASAP and any other computerized tests
described above. CTA also works with COMPASS response files.

CTA is designed to provide colleges with maximum flexibility in
choosing the assessment tests which best meet their needs. Any
combination of paper and pencil along with a variety of publisher
produced computerized tests can be fully integrated using CTA.
CTA will run on Window's computers. Phone and online support available.

CTA - CELSA costs 60¢ per student per test
CTA has no initial cost (yearly minimum charge of $400 worth of tests).
Try out CTA without any risk!
The CTA Demo CD version is available and shows the tests
as they would run and appear at your testing center.
Demo runs on Win95 thru XP PC's (no installation required - uses CD-Rom).

ASAP information

Order CTA software

CTA and ASAP or both produced by:

CAPP Associates, Inc.
(Computerized Assessment and Placement Programs)
phone (805) 965-5870
FAX   (805) 965-5807
3463 State St., Ste. 357
Santa Barbara, CA 93105

CAPP Associates has been providing assessment software and services
to higher education since 1985.

Option 4: (Celscan - Independent scanning, scoring and reporting software)
For colleges using the Paper/Pencil version, Celscan can be used to scan and score the test and send the results electronically via email. This is dependent on if your school qualifies as a certified Testing Center and the Test Administrator has been approved to deliver the CELSA tests (see CELSA ordering or submit your certification online). If your school is not qualified as a testing center you can send the results to the publisher (ACTT) who in turn will scan and score the tests and send the ATB results back to you and the student's self-addressed envelopes. Celscan is owned by ACTT.
ACTT is the publisher of the CELSA test.
The Celscan software scores the CELSA forms 1 & 2, converts raw score to scaled score (required by DOE for ATB), generates ATB student letter and stores record for uploading and annual reporting to publisher (DOE req.). Student answer sheets and scannable answer sheets which must be and can only be used with the Celscan software are available. The Celscan software runs on Window's based PC's. Celscan scan forms are $84 per pack of 250.

Celscan works with Scantron and NCS scanners.
Celscan is $600.00 per year.Mail-in service is an additional $5.75 per student.
Phone and online support available including a built-in help program.

Order Celscan

Association of Classroom Teacher Testers
Phone (805) 965-5704
FAX    (805) 965-5807
PMB 374
2022 Cliff Drive,
Santa Barbara, CA 93108

CELSA Tests (payable to the Association of Classroom Teacher Testers)
Annual Site License: (with ability to benefit):
Based on number of ESL students tested per year:

1 - 60
$  195 
 61 - 200 
$  325 
201 - 400  
$  495 
401 - 750  
$  750 
 751 - 1,200
$ 1095 
greater than 1,200
by quote