Mathematics Diagnostic Testing Project

Project History

MDTP began in 1977 as a joint project of the University of California and the California State University. The tests are developed by a workgroup including mathematics faculty from UC and CSU systems, community colleges, and high schools.

Purposes & Uses

The MDTP tests are designed to measure student readiness for a broad range of mathematics courses. More importantly, the tests were developed to provide students and teachers with diagnostic information about student preparedness.

Test Development

The critical criterion that each MDTP test must meet is that knowledge of the content of the topics and ability to answer the test's questions are prerequisites for success in subsequent mathematics courses.

Other MDTP Services

  • Support to high schools
  • Regional conferences
  • Newsletters
  • Math materials and program clearinghouse

Prices for MDTP Tests

Paper and Pencil Tests (site license)

$400 / year enrollment less than 5,000

$800 / year enrollment greater than 5,000

*plus test booklets

Computerized Versions are now available.

CTA (CAPP Test Administrator) delivers the tests on Window's computers.

Computerized Tests Delivered with CTA cost

.60 cents/per student per Math test. CTA has a yearly minimum order of $400 worth of tests.

Computerized versions still require and annual site license from the test publisher.

For information on computerized MDTP tests, contact CAPP Associates (805) 965-5870.

For information on paper and pencil MDTP tests, please contact Mary Anne Anthony
Santa Ana College, Dept. of Mathematics, 17th at Bristol,
Santa Ana, CA 92706, (714) 564-6646 (

MDTP Levels

Tests are available which measure readiness for various mathmematics levels:

  • Algebra Readiness Tests - Assesses preparation for first year algebra
  • Elementary Algebra Readiness Test - Assesses preparation for second year algebra
  • Intermediate Algebra Readiness Test - Assesses preparation for precalculus or other courses at that level
  • Precalculus Readiness Test - Assesses preparation for calculus. Both 40 and 60 item tests are available

Computer Testing Options

Visit the MDTP website (order site license from publisher)

please feel free to contact us at CAPP Associates:

CAPP Associates, Inc.
3463 State St. Suite 357
Santa Barbara, CA 93105
phone (805) 965-5870
fax      (805) 965-5807

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