CELSA (Paper - Pencil / For Ability to Benefit Testing)

For colleges and programs testing for federal "ability to benefit" for federal financial aid
eligibility (for students who do not have high school diplomas or equivalent), there are
two options: The Mail-In Service or Local Scoring option. The Mail-In Service or
Local Scoring option can be used by certified Assessment Centers. Only the Mail-In Service
can be used by institutions that do not have certified Assessment Centers. Assessment Centers
are certified by the CELSA test publisher (ACTT).

Option 1:  Mail-In Service
Site license fee: $195 per year.
This fee includes the following:
Annual site license authorizing the institution to administer the test.
Included in the $195 fee are all materials necessary to test 5 students per year.
There is an additional charge of $5.75 per student beyond the initial
5 students tested annually.

Included in the $195 annual charge are:
5 CELSA Form 1 Test Booklets (provided only with initial order)*
5 CELSA Form 2 Test Booklets (provided only with initial order)*
5 CELSA scannable Answer Forms (provided annually)
1 CELSA ATB Technical Manual (provided only with initial order)*
Mailing materials (ACTT addressed envelopes, cover sheets)

Additional CELSA scannable Answer Forms are available for $5.75 each
(must be purchased if testing more than 5 students annually).

*provided only with initial order. Additional materials available as noted below.

Option 2:  Local electronic scoring
For institutions with qualified Assessment Centers that wish to score
the CELSA on-location for course placement purposes and/or ability to benefit

A. Site license fee/year

#ESL students tested/year
$ 195
$ 325
$ 495
$ 750
   more than 1,200 by quote
   (for placement and/or ability to benefit)

*Additional Testing Materials
40 Test Booklets Form 1 ($2.75/ea)
40 Test Booklets Form 2 ($2.75/ea)
User's Guide
$ 12
ATB Tech Manual
$ 12
Answer Sheets 250 per
$ 84
*Additional materials not required for mail-in service (unless testing more than 5 students per year).   
  But, they are required for local scoring.

If an institution scores tests locally for course placement and ability to benefit
purposes, the additional charge for ability to benefit above and beyond the license fee
for placement only is due to the reporting requirements of the U.S. Department of Education.

This additional reporting includes:

1. Publisher Certification of Testing Center
2. Publisher Certification of Testing Administrator
3. Publisher annual collection and analysis of testing data and reporting to
    the U.S. Department of Education.

In addition, ACTT is required to electronically score all tests from non-certified
institutions and provide the results to the institution in a timely manner.

   Order CELSA (ATB)

For Placement Only (Paper - Pencil / not Ability to Benefit testing)

General Placement Testing
All institutions that order the CELSA must order an annual site license.
In addition, schools must order reusable test booklets and User's Guide.
A master student answer sheet is provided which may be legally duplicated.
Site licenses are based on the number of students tested in a 12 month period.
The estimate can be based on past testing history or projected testing for the future.
Site licenses are renewed each year. Institutions that only use
the CELSA for assessment and placement only, not for "ability to benefit"
need to order site licenses (see "A" below), reusable CELSA test booklets
and User's Guide.

A. Site license fee/year
#ESL students tested/year
$ 195
$ 325
$ 495
$ 750

   more than 1,200 by quote

*Additional Testing Materials
40 Test Booklets Form 1
40 Test Booklets Form 2
User's Guide
Answer Sheets 250 per

Additional materials required:

Celscan Options: (CELSA Scanning and Scoring software - for paper/pencil tests)

If you are scoring the paper/pencil version of the CELSA (for Ability to Benefit), then Celscan
is the software of choice. Celscan works on Win95 - 98 on Scantron 8200 or NCS
Opscan Scanners (2-6). Qualified Assessment Centers can score and electronically deliver
results via email. If your school does not qualify as an accredited testing center, there is a
mail-in service. Mail in your test forms to ACTT. We will scan and email the results back to
you - and mail out a letter to the student directly. Schools must have a site license with ACTT
for delivering the CELSA tests
. The person administering the tests must also be approved with
ACTT as an accredited test administrator. ACTT is also the owner of the Celscan software.
The Celscan software scores the CELSA forms 1 & 2, converts raw score to scaled score
(required by DOE for ATB), generates ATB student letter and stores record for uploading
and annual reporting to publisher (DOE req.). Student answer sheets and scannable answer
sheets which must be and can only be used with the Celscan software are available.

Celscan is affordable at $600.00 per year.
Celscan Mail-In service is an additional $5.75 per student.
(ACTT scans and returns the ATB results via email and student's self addressed envelope.)
Celscan scan forms are a pack of 250 for $84.
ACTT is also the publisher of the CELSA test.
Phone and online support available including a built-in help program.


Computer Delivered Testing (for PC Window's or DOS).
Computer Version Software Prices (payable to CAPP)
The CAPP Test Administrator (CTA) software has no purchase price and charges
on a per test basis: There is a minimum purchase requirement of $400 of tests a year.
MDTP 60¢ per student per test
CTEP 25¢ per student per test. The CTEP consists of three tests. A college may
give one, two or three of these tests. The maximum cost per student is 75¢
CELSA 60¢ per student per test.

You still need to have a site license with the test publisher.

CTA - with ASAP (
CTA with scanning, scoring and advanced reporting)

please feel free to contact us at ACTT:
Association of Classroom Teacher Testers
Phone (805) 965-5704 / FAX (805) 965-5807
1187 Coast Village Rd. Suite 1 #378
Montecito, CA 93108

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