"Paper/pencil" and computer delivered versions of the CELSA

"Paper/pencil" versions for ATB purposes

With the paper/pencil version, the tests are taken on specifically designed scan forms. There are 75 test items with 4 choice multiple choice options. The test takes 45 minutes to administer. Scanforms are then sent to ACTT for immediate scoring and the results are automatically sent to the school. All scanforns and mailing materials are provided in the ATB mail-in packet. Each packet contains one scanform, cover sheet, mailing envelope addressed to ACTT and includes all scoring and reportinng. Each packet costs $11.50. CELSA test booklets are reusable and they usually last about 5 years. They must be ordered separately. Please see ATB Order form for details.

Computer delivered for ATB purposes

The computer delivered version is identical to the paper/pencil but is administered on a PC. There is an annual software charge of $800 per year and an individual ATB cost per student charge of $9.50. With the computer delivered, the test may be taken anywhere there is an internet connection but the results are sent to one administrative computer. When ordering computer delivered for ATB, both CTA and CTA Remote must be ordered.

Non ATB uses- as an assessment and placement test into ESL classes

The CELSA is widely uses as an assessment and placement test. It accuractley places students into true beginning and advanced plus ESL classes. When soley used as a placement test, student answer sheets do not need to be sent to ACTT and can be scored locally. The cost of the CELSA site license is based on the number of students tested annually. Please see the Placement Order form for details.

If the computer delivered option is used, the minimum annual cost is $400 (plus .60 cents per test) and is in addition to the CELSA site license.

Computer delivered for ATB and Placement

A single score can be used for both ATB and Placement. In that case, only the $9.50 ATB charge (not the .60 cent placement charge) applies.